Application Process

Application Guidelines
In the usual course of events, the application process for intending residents at MacKillop House opens late in August each year, in line with the Tertiary Open Day conducted by tertiary institutions in Canberra.

The process involves an application form, interview, and contract signing, plus payment of application fee and bond. After this, residents must advise of the arrangements they intend to use to make their regular payments of board, and the date on which this has been set to commence.

An informal interview with the MacKillop House manager is part of the application process. This can be done in person or by electronic means (such as Skype or telephone).

The Contract is for the academic year. This means that the Contract begins the day a student moves in and finishes the weekend after her final assessment/exam of that year is scheduled. Termination of the arrangements may be done by giving a minimum of two weeks notice, but results in the loss of the bond if this is prior to the end of the academic year.

To fill out an application form please click here. Please note that to submit the application form, you will be asked to commit to the terms and conditions for residence at MacKillop House.

To read the Handbook click here.