Conditions of stay


Living at MacKillop House brings with it exciting opportunities to meet new people, develop new friendships whilst settling into study and a new city. At the same time your choice to live at MacKillop House requires each individual to accept certain responsibilities.

The following Conditions Of Stay are designed to create and maintain a safe and comfortable living and learning environment for all at MacKillop House. 



  • Bedrooms are to be kept clean and tidy and are the responsibility of each student. Cleaning products are available in hall cupboards.
  • Regular inspections will take place to ensure rooms are maintained to a standard that ensures the full refund of the bond.
  • If the students room does not comply with basic cleanliness and health standards or it is brought to the attention of the manager that the room is not being cleaned or is unhygienic, the student will be required to clean the room. 
  • Nothing is to be stuck, taped or nailed on the walls or woodwork in a student’s bedroom.
  • Candles/ incense and other open flame devices are strictly prohibited anywhere inside the building including bedrooms.
  • To prevent overloading electrical circuits all electrical equipment must be tested and tagged.
  • Appliances with open heating elements such as electrical heaters are prohibited in rooms.

Common Room

  • The Common Room provides a place for groups to gather, it is the responsibility of all that use this area to keep it clean and tidy.
  •  No eating or drinking is allowed in Common Room.
  • Please return any furniture that has been moved to its proper place.

Dining Room

  • A home-cooked meal is served each evening at 6pm Monday to Saturday inclusive. For students unable to be at the evening meal, due to classes or work, a late meal can be arranged.
  • Late meals are for those students who are in class or at work. To organise a late meal the students must first discuss directly with the manager their request. Also before 12am each day students need to indicate on the meal sheet if they require a meal for that night. This will assist the chef to cater correctly for the number of students.
  • All meals are to be eaten in the dining room.
  • Plates and cutlery are not to be taken from the dining room.
  • All equipment used in the dining room should be cleaned and returned to their rightful place.
  •  Tables and benches should be cleaned after use.
  • Mobile phones are to be OFF during the evening meal.
  • All students are required to assist with cleaning up after the evening meal. Students will be placed on a rotating roster. If you are unable to fulfill your duty you need to swap your night with another student. 
  • All food in the fridge must be labeled with name and date on each item.
  • The fridge/ freezer will be cleaned on a regular basis. Food that is not labeled will be thrown out.
  •  The dining area will be closed Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 10am and 11am for cleaning.


  • The kitchen is used to prepare meals for students and the Conference Centre.
  •   We ask students to use only the area and equipment designated for students use.
  • All equipment should be washed and returned to its rightful place.
  •  Cooking is encouraged but due to the kitchens high demand students will only be able to use the kitchen outside the main cooking times. Kitchen is closed at 9.30pm.


  • MacKillop House provides computers for students and access to the wireless network.
  • The Internet is a complementary service, used mainly for browsing and social media.
  • Due to the location of MacKillop House and the number of students accessing the Internet at the one time, the speed of the Internet can be compromised.
  • If student are in courses that require a fast Internet it might be advisable to have access to your own  USB wireless.


 Shared area

  • Common areas have been provided for all students to share. These areas include Common room, dining, kitchen, outdoor spaces, corridors and car parks.
  • All rubbish must be placed in the appropriate bins. It is not to be left for others to pick up.
  •   Students should not leave personal belongings in the hallways; this includes clothes racks. They obstruct exit routes in an emergency and create a tripping hazard.
  •  Clothes should not be left on stairs, balconies or landings.


  • Washing machines and a coin-operated dryer are provided in the laundry.
  • These facilities are available from 8.00 a.m. to 8.30 p.m. Mon-Fri and 9.30am to 9pm on weekends.
  •  Clotheslines are located in the garden area.
  • There is an ironing room upstairs where each student has a cupboard to store her iron and washing powder. Ironing boards are provided.



  • To ensure that everyone can study and/or sleep, quiet time commences at 9.30pm and ends at 8.30am. This means that during these hours earphones are to be used with TVs and music, mobile ring tones are to be turned down; students are asked to keep noise to a minimum when moving around the House.


  • Over night guests are welcome at MacKillop House.
  • Clear guidelines are provided to ensure that staff know who is in the house at any given time.
  • Male Guests are welcome in the common areas on the ground floor until 10.30pm. Under no circumstances are they to be taken into bedroom areas. Appropriate behaviour is expected at all times
  • Guests are the responsibility of the students and must abide by the rules of the House.
  • Only one female guest is allowed per night in any one room..
  • Guest may stay for 2 consecutive nights only
  • Overnight Guest Forms must be submitted to the manager 24 hours in advance of the arrival of a guest.
  • Upon arrival it is the students responsibility to report to staff on duty to sign in her guest.
  • Guests are not to be left on the premises without the student who is responsible for them.
  • Spare mattress, blankets and pillows are available from staff. 
  • Linen for invited guests is the responsibility of the student. 
  • Where a students guest is found to be in breach of any of the Conditions Of Stay at MacKillop House, the guest will be asked to leave and the student responsible for the guest may be subject to disciplinary action

Alcohol or illicit drugs

  • MacKillop House is an alcohol and drug free zone. Students and guests are not to consume these substances on the premises. A breach of this policy will result in the termination of a student’s contract.


  • In support of a healthier living environment MacKillop House has adopted a policy of no smoking except in designated areas.

  • The only area where a student may smoke is at the rear of the House on the grassed area opposite the clotheslines.

Dress Code

  • There is no formal dress code but students are asked to wear ‘appropriate dress’ for the evening meal – This does not include pyjamas.
  • Shoes are to be worn in all areas on the ground floor these include Dining Room, Kitchen, Common Room, Computer Room and outside areas of the House.

Temporary Absence

  • If students choose to be absent from the House overnight or for an extended period of time they are required to inform staff. This is necessary so that the Manager is able to contact them in case of emergency. It also assists with the planning of meals.  There is no reduction in fees during these absences.


  • It is advisable that students report any illness to staff who will assist them if required.  In case of serious illness, and with the student’s permission, she will be taken to Outpatients at Calvary Hospital. There are Medical Clinics in Lyneham, Dickson, Belconnen and at some of the university campuses. Medical costs are the responsibility of students.

Running a Business from MacKillop House

  • Students are not permitted to conduct a business of any description from their Room or any other part of MacKillop House.


  • MacKillop House is committed to ensuring that anyone who is part of the community treats others and is treated, at all times with dignity and respect, in an environment free of harassment and discrimination.
  •  Students should immediately report an incident of harassment to a staff member; harassment can occur via telephone, text messages, social networking sites, mail, e-mail, or face-to-face.
  •  Social Networking Students are personally responsible for anything they publish on line. Whilst residing at MacKillop House you will not post any material that is obscene, defamatory, threatening, harassing, abusive, hateful or embarrassing to another person residing at MacKillop House or to MacKillop House as an institution. Any resident found to be writing such comments will have her contract at MacKillop House reviewed with possible termination.


  • MacKillop House promotes a culture of mutual respect and tolerance. We aim to provide an environment in which students:

o   Feel respected
o   Look out for each other
o   Belong to and share a sense of family and friendship.

General House Meetings

  • We provide opportunities to share experiences of living together in a communal setting by having regular house meetings for both staff and residents to discuss issues impacting on their stay within the house.
  • The contract is between the student and MacKillop House; it is important, if issues do arise, that the students speak to the Manager to address their concerns.

 Communication between each other

  • If issues arise on a personal level we encourage students to try to resolve the problem with the person or people involved.
  •  If the grievance cannot be resolved informally it is important to talk to the Manager or staff on duty. The Manager will discuss with you the appropriate steps to investigate your grievance formally.


  • All mail received will be placed in mailboxes located near managers office.

 Notice Boards

  • General notices will be written on the notice board. If writing messages to other students be mindful of the appropriate use of language and the content.

Student Phone

  • The payphone on the ground floor is for student use. Calls may be made and received on this phone. Family and friends may contact students on the following number - 02 6257 6451.
  • In consideration for others who may be waiting on in-coming calls, students are asked to limit calls to 30 minutes or less.



  • MacKillop House provides a professional cleaner to maintain the bathroom and common areas. It is the responsibility of all students to participate equally in keeping these areas tidy. Students can be proactive by:

o   Keeping your room tidy
o   Cleaning equipment after use
o   Returning equipment to its rightful place
o   Wiping down surfaces after preparing meals i.e. toast, making sandwiches etc.
o   Not leaving rubbish for others to pick up
o   Placing rubbish in bins that have been provided

  • ·Areas that have a tendency to accumulate rubbish are corridors, common areas, car parks, dining room, bathrooms etc. Poor cleaning and rubbish removal habits can create an environment that fosters the presence of pests and other hazards.

Damage to property

  • Students are to report any breakages (including crockery and glassware) or maintenance concerns to staff.
  • Students are liable for all damages or loss caused by negligence or misuse, and will be charged for any costs associated with rectification, including labour.


General Security

  • MacKillop House assumes no responsibility for the personal property of students or their guests. The insurance policy of the House does not cover the students’ personal possessions such as mobile phones, cars, televisions, computers, iPods etc. Contents insurance and vehicle insurance are the responsibility of the student.
  • All students need to be security conscious.
  • Students are advised to keep their rooms locked.
  • Entry doors need to be kept locked and any strangers seen on the premises reported to staff.
  • The door at the end of the corridor upstairs leading down to the laundry is alarmed and only to be used as an emergency exit. 
  • Students are to sign in their visitors in case of emergencies.
  • Sign In / Out Board - All students are to sign in and out of the House using the board near the payphone. This is a safety requirement and necessary in case of evacuation or when students need to be contacted urgently.
  • Overnight and holiday absences are to be recorded in the book provided in the dining room.
  •  Fire drill will be conducted early in the year. Any students absent from this are to ensure that they are familiar with the procedure for evacuation.


  • Parking of cars or motorbikes on site will be at owners/drivers own risk.  It is advisable that vehicles be appropriately insured and that all care be taken to ensure a vehicle is secured to avoid theft. It is strongly advised that students purchase a steering wheel lock and use it each night. MacKillop House will not be liable for any damage to such vehicles or loss of internal accessories or other personal effects contained within a vehicle. 


  • There is a shelter for pushbikes near the laundry and students must provide their own security chain for their bikes.


  • Each student receives a key to her room and access to the front door via fingerprint lock. In the interest of security, it is important to keep your room locked. A key deposit of $20 is required on arrival.

Moving out procedures

  • Two month prior to the end of the academic year all students will be requested to confirm the date they will be vacating their room, generally this will be within the week after their final assessment, unless other otherwise agreed to by management.
  •  A condition report will be provided to each student to assist with the cleaning of their room.
  • Prior to vacating their room students are to arrange a time with the Manger for their Exit meeting, this is to be done once the room is vacant. This meeting will include the following:

o   A final move-out inspection of the room. Completion of ‘Condition report”.
o    To check items that have been returned that were provided to student on arrival i.e. Cups, Mug, and Cutlery etc.
o   Bank details for transfer of bond and any rent refund.
o   A forwarding Address to be given to the manager.
o   Return of room keys.

  • If any items are missing or damaged they must be replaced.
  • The result of the inspection determines whether we need to make any deductions from your Bond.
  • Once the Condition report has been signed, equipment that was provided at the beginning of the year has been ticked of the condition sheet and the keys returned the Bond will be authorised by Management to be transferred into the nominated bank.
  • As soon as practicable the Bond and any rent that is owed will be transferred to the Bank indicated by the student. The Accounts department will send an email confirming the amount transferred.